Treetop Walk in Bad Harzburg

Have you ever wanted to see your surroundings from a completely new perspective? Then visit the treetop walk in Bad Harzburg and marvel at nature at a height of over 20 metres. The trail starts at the foot of the Burgberg. From there, you can wander through the treetops of the Kalten Tal at a height of over 25 metres over a length of approx. 700 metres.

From the path you have an excellent view of the Harz National Park and from a height you can marvel at the unique landscape and, with a little luck, observe typical Harz animals such as the lynx or wildcat.

Adventure elements and platforms of the treetop walk

There are 18 platforms on the treetop walk, where you will find 35 experience elements - including gentle listening, feeling, smelling and seeing. There are also rest stations and interesting information about the Harz Mountains and its culture, nature and wildlife. You can take part in guided tours that have a special thematic focus. For example, you can take part in an educational forest tour or experience the evening twilight high up in the treetops, where you may come across a few active night owls.

At the bottom of the treetop walk is the tree root trail, which provides information about life underground at several different stations.


Treetop Walk Bad Harzburg Oberharz
©Stefanie Seuffert