With the Brocken railway to the summit

The Harz narrow-gauge railway

The Brocken railway takes you high up! The steam locomotives of the Harz narrow-gauge railway climb the steepest section of track up to the top of the Brocken with ease thanks to their 700 hp. From Drei Annen Hohne railway station, you can travel up to the Brocken in just 50 minutes. Brocken. The panoramic view during the journey is a real experience. From up here you have a breathtaking view of the entire Harz National Park. Harz National Park. A new impressive sight awaits passengers around every bend. At the end of the journey, you will reach the highest railway station of all German narrow-gauge stations.

The route of the Brocken railway runs westwards from the starting station through the Harz National Park. From Schierk railway station, the steam locomotive travels through the valley of the Kalte Bode river and continues along the winding route up to the Brocken. The Brocken itself is completely circumnavigated 1 ½ times before the railway stops at the terminus. This offers a unique all-round view of the various natural surroundings of the Harz National Park. Travelling on a real steam locomotive is of course also a great adventure for the little ones. The smoking and whistling of the locomotive is a little journey back in time to another world that will amaze even children.

The Harz Mountains from a different perspective

If you want to get to know the Harz Mountains in a completely different way, you shouldn't miss the Harz narrow-gauge railway. On the tracks, steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and railcars travel on various routes across the Harz Mountains and up to the Brocken, the highest peak in northern Germany.

Brocken railway Oberharz
©Tony Hätscher

With the special train to the top

In addition to the normal service between Drei Annen Hohne and the Brocken, various special trains of the Harz narrow-gauge railway also run on the route. For example, you can travel in style to the rock opera Faust, which is performed on the Brocken, on the Faust special train. In addition, various events await passengers throughout the year, such as the Walpurgis trains, which take you to the witches' gathering, or the mulled wine trains in the Advent season, on which guests are kept nice and warm despite the cold weather.

Speaking of weather: the locomotives travel to the Brocken every day throughout the winter and only have to stay in the station in the event of heavy snowfall or massive snow drifts. However, the journey is particularly worthwhile when there is snow, as the view from the train of the snow-covered landscape of the Harz Mountains is truly unique.

Winter Brockenbahn Oberharz
©Vanessa Lader

With the steam power of the Brocken railway through the Harz landscape

On the Harz narrow-gauge railway network, which is 140.4 km long in total, 25 steam locomotives run on 3 routes through the heart of Germany all year round. Up to ten of these steam locomotives are in service at any one time. This makes the Harz narrow-gauge railway a unique experience worldwide. To make the journey truly unforgettable, you can even book a cab ride in advance, an absolute must for every steam locomotive fan and those who have always wanted to become an engine driver. The minimum age for a cab ride is 18 years. They are only offered at weekends.

In addition to the Brockenbahn, you can also explore the landscape on the Selketalbahn (Selke Valley Railway) or the Harzquerbahn. As the name suggests, the Selke Valley Railway takes you through the beautiful Selke Valley. Travelling on the tracks of this line takes you along historic routes, as this line was opened in 1887 and has therefore been in existence for over 125 years. Nature lovers will get their money's worth here as the locomotive winds its way through the unspoilt Harz landscape in tight curves.

Explore the low mountain range from Wernigerode to Nordhausen in Thuringia on the Harzquerbahn railway line. The railway runs along the north-south axis of the Harz through the Drängetal valley and the only tunnel of all the narrow-gauge railways in the new federal states.

Passengers experience numerous landscapes on this route, from wooded valleys to mountainous plateaus. At the Drei Annen Hohne station, you can decide whether to take the Harzquerbahn to the end or change to the Brockenbahn.

The Harz narrow-gauge railway network:

Harz transverse railway:

  • Wernigerode - Drei Annen Hohne - Benneckenstein - Eisfelder Talmühle - Ilfeld - Nordhausen

Selketal railway:

  • Quedlinburg - Gernrode - Alexisbad - Stiege - Eisfelder Talmühle with junction Alexisbad - Harzgerode and Stiege - Hasselfelde

Brocken railway:

  • Drei Annen Hohne - Schierke - Brocken


Brocken fare

A standardised fare applies from each station of the Harz narrow-gauge railway up to the Brocken.

  • Adult single journey € 35.00
  • Adult return journey € 53.00
  • Child 6 to 14 years single journey € 21.00
  • Child 6 to 14 years one-way/return journey € 32.00

In the afternoon, you only pay € 46.00 for a return journey on selected connections:

Starting station can be used in the summer timetable from Possible train connections to the Brocken
Wernigerode 14.55 hrs 8945
Drei Annen Hohne 16.47 hrs 8937 (Fri-Thu with diesel locomotive), 8937 (Wed-Thu) with steam locomotiveSchierke
Schierke 16.25 hrs 8941