The Harz Forester's Path

Explore the Harz Mountains on the Harz Forester's Path long-distance hiking trail

If you hike along the 60 km long "Harz Forester's Path", you can visit three dams at once: the Granetalsperre, the Innerste-Talsperre and the Söse-Talsperre. The long-distance hiking trail also takes you from the historic imperial city of Goslar to the mountain village of Riefensbeek-Kamschlacken.

Along the entire hiking trail, you will find information boards and small adventure areas along the way. As you hike the Harz Forester's Path, you will learn typical facts about the Upper Harz region. If you are an experienced hiker, you can complete the Harz Forester's Path in four daily stages.


But you can also cover parts of the Harz Forester's Path in one day. It is possible to join the hiking trail at several points and thus only cover a certain section of the Harz Forester's Path. You can reach the entry points by public transport or by car. If you are travelling by car, you can use the car parks along the route. Some sections of the trail are also suitable for people with physical disabilities. However, the Harz Forester's Path is not just a hiking trail; the long stretches can also be easily travelled by bike.

The route of the Harzer Försterstieg

Route description

of the Harz Forester's Path

Starting point: historic old town of Goslar

You start your Harz Forester's Path hike in the historic old town of Goslar, which impresses with its excellently preserved medieval architecture. At your starting point in Goslar, you will also gain an insight into the mining tradition during a visit to the museum and visitor mine, the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site.

The reservoirs along the Harz Forester's Path

On your hike, you will pass three dams that serve to supply drinking water, protect against flooding and generate electricity in the Harz Mountains. First you reach the Granetalsperre dam between Astfeld and Wolfshagen, then the Innerstetalsperre dam between Langelsheim and Lautenthal and shortly before the end of the Harz Forester's Path you walk along the Sösetalsperre dam.

The Innerste-Rennstieg

At the club site in the north of Buntenbock you enter the Innerste-Rennstieg from the Harz Forester's Path. This route, which was of great importance for the transfer of goods in the past, was first mentioned in documents in 1350. Most of the Innerste-Rennstieg runs along the mountain heights, which meant that goods could be easily transported here, as streams, marshland or dense forest posed no obstacles.

Wolfshagen in the Harz Mountains

You can take a short detour on your hike to Wolfshagen in the Harz Mountains. Wolfshagen is not far from the Harz Forester's Path. Here you can stop for a bite to eat or enjoy the beautiful view over Wolfshagen from the so-called "Schäderpavillon".

The Albert Tower on the Iberg near Bad Grund

On your way, you will reach the 33-metre-high observation tower between Wildemann and Bad Grund. From the observation tower you have a wonderful view over the western Harz foreland. Not far from the Albert Tower on the Iberg you will find the "cave adventure centre". The museum is located on and in the mountain, and you also have access to the Iberg stalactite caves. Other attractions include the "Hübichenstein", a 345 metre high mountain, and the "WeltWald" near Bad Grund. If you are interested in mining, then a short descent to Wildemann is worthwhile. Here you can visit the 19-Lachter gallery and marvel at the bronze statue of the "Wild Man".

Forest under reconstruction

An information board at the "Schweinebraten" refuge provides comprehensive information about the reorganisation of the Harz forests. Large areas of the Harz forests are spruce forests. Spruce trees were planted as war reparations and because of the mining industry. These spruce forests are now to be converted back into a mixed forest.

The Prince's Pond

If you follow the Harz Forester's Path, you will walk over the 190 metre long and 8.5 metre high dam of the Prinzenteich. The Prinzenteich, which used to supply the Pochwerke with water, is part of the "Upper Harz Water Regal" and is therefore protected as a cultural monument.

Take a short diversions to the "Bergwiesenweg". A beautiful pond landscape awaits you here - the numerous ponds are part of the "Upper Harz Water Regal".

South of Buntenbock, you will pass a 15 metre high steel lattice tower. Dare to climb the 75 steps - your effort will be rewarded with a breathtaking view. Let your gaze wander northwards to the Clausthal plateau, Buntenbock, Bocksberg and Schalke. To the south-east, you can see the Acker with the Hanskühnenburg, its foothills and the Bruchberg. If visibility is good, you can even see Lerbach, the Hoher Meissner, Eichsfeld and the Göttingen mountains.

You reach your hiking destination of Riefensbeek-Kamschlacken through a magnificent beech forest, along the Sösetalsperre dam and following the excellent forest nature trail. At the "Kohlungsplatz" you have mastered the 60 km long Harzer Försterstieg with flying colours.