WeltWald Harz in Bad Grund

Experience the wonderful nature in the Harz World Forest, coupled with special experiences and information.

The WeltWald Harz is located in Bad Grund and is open all year round. You can expect an arboretum with numerous tree and plant species from all over the world, an exciting adventure trail, an approximately 14-kilometre-long network of paths spread over 14 hectares of forest and numerous benches and viewpoints.

The Harz World Forest is accessible to everyone, but you should wear sturdy shoes. There are car parks at the Hübichenstein and at the Hübichalm.

The adventure trail in the WeltWald

The adventure trail winds its way through the forest for 1.7 kilometres and brings you closer to nature and the world of the Indians.

It starts at the car park by the Indian tepee and the two totem poles. The trail first leads you through the redwood forest to an animal jumping pit. Here you will also find numerous carved wooden animals that live in the American forests. The adventure trail then leads through the Pacific coastal forest. Here you will see completely different tree species than before. There is also an Indian burial ground on stilts and a tepee for children. The trail continues over a wooden bridge, past a wooden puzzle and a wooden sound game. You then come to an information pavilion and an explorer's tower. At the end of the trail, a spectacular highlight awaits you: an 18 metre long suspension bridge. The tour along the adventure trail takes around 2 hours.

World Forest Harz Nature
©Stefanie Seuffert

Further highlights

Other highlights in the Harz World Forest are the flowering seasons.

In April, you can expect a sea of blossom from apple trees, magnolias and Japanese cherries. The rhododendrons follow in May/June.

Between the end of September and the end of October, the Indian summer with its golden-yellow-red autumn colours awaits.