At Harzdrenalin, visitors to the Harz Mountains who are looking for action will be spoilt for choice. This unique hotspot is located near the Rappbode Dam.

It's not just the suspension bridge that offers an extraordinary experience. If you are brave enough, you can prove yourself on the rope jump, rope slide and much more.

Harz adrenalin kicks

You can experience a veritable potpourri of adrenalin kicks of a special kind at Harzdrenalin. Gigaswing is a pendulum swing from a height of 100 metres, on the Megadizipline double rope slide you hurtle down at 85 kilometres per hour, while wallrunning takes you 38 metres into the depths. Or would you like to be catapulted 38 metres into the heights of the Harz Mountains on the Ultrashot?

Harzdrenalin swing